If you have an older truck with the stock L5P down pipe, you might want to upgrade to an extra effective, light-weight one. These downpipes are produced from moderate steel and include warm wrapped and also ceramic coated ends. They will certainly minimize egts as well as enhance the total efficiency of your truck. However, the drawback to purchasing them is that they won’t comply with discharge guidelines. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of updating your truck’s exhaust system.

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A downpipe boosts the engine’s performance and decreases exhaust backpressure. Backpressure misbehaves for turbo diesels because it enhances pressure versus the generator wheel. This can adversely affect turbo spooling and also increase EGTs. Having a bigger downpipe improves the reliability of the turbo and reduces EGTs, while likewise decreasing backpressure. An updated downpipe will certainly likewise allow you to boost your vehicle’s power without needing to make any various other changes to the engine.
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If you intend to make a lot more power with your L5P, you ought to take into consideration installing a 550-watt turbo. While the L5P turbo has a high-performance outcome, dependability is suspicious. The majority of proprietors select to install an upgraded S300 or S400 turbo. Engine adjusting is one of the most effective means to boost your vehicle’s efficiency. The expense of an efficiency upgrade is low compared to the financial savings you’ll experience with an updated downpipe.