The lithium rv battery is the future generation of battery innovation for your recreational vehicle. These batteries supply many advantages that are easier and safe than traditional lead acid RV batteries.
Lithium Batteries Are Better for the Setting & Your Family
One of the most essential factor to make use of a lithium rv battery is that they are extra environmentally friendly. Unlike their lead-acid counterparts, they do not launch hefty steels such as lead or cadium throughout charging and they are not likely to splash liquids that could harm your RV’s coating or chassis.
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They are additionally much more secure than lead-acids as they do not overheat or ignite like their precursors. The lithium rv batteries we sell are made with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) modern technology that is non-combustible and lugs the exact same security ratings as various other ionic lithium innovations used for customer electronics, such as laptop computers.
Lithium batteries can be mounted laterally, upside-down as well as without airing vent; they evaluate much less than half that of lead acid batteries, raising your recreational vehicle’s ability as well as making it simpler to navigate around. They are additionally much better at remaining inside your motor home and are a lot more tolerant of severe temperature levels than lead-acids, some even including heating units to assist you charge in winter season.
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There are numerous means to set up a lithium motor home battery, yet the most affordable approach is to build your own from used cells. The process is difficult as the cells have to be matched, however it is a terrific means to conserve cash on your recreational vehicle’s power system and also make sure your batteries will function well together.
One more option is to buy a ready-to-install lithium motor home battery, such as the Go Power! ionic lithium battery, which is sealed and also maintenance-free. This battery is an excellent selection for the boondocking way of living, as it can be billed with solar or a DC to DC charger.
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It is likewise worth noting that many ionic lithium batteries can be discharged to more than 50% of their initial state of cost, contrasted to lead-acids, which are not made to be released past 50-60%. This duplicated, complete discharge drastically reduces a battery’s life as well as creates serious damage to the battery.
Ultimately, lithium rv batteries are more resistant to winter than lead-acids as they can be butted in sub-zero temperatures. This is especially helpful if you are boondocking or preparing to dry camp a lot.
Despite some very early problems regarding the safety and security of lithium batteries, they have actually come a lengthy way and are a great choice for your motor home. As an incentive, they are much more inexpensive than their lead-acid equivalents as well as last dramatically longer than their precursors. This is a big distinction over time, which will certainly settle for you over time!