When you want to shock your daughter with a charming backpack, look no further than this charming unicorn deluxe backpack. Motivated by the Disney flick Inside Out, this cute backpack has a zip compartment in the back and also can be worn over the shoulder or across the upper body. Its soft, snuggly product will certainly make your youngster squeal with delight, and she’ll love wearing it to college! The backpack features adjustable straps and a detachable deluxe unicorn for a little added cuddle time.
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This lovable knapsack is stuffed with cosy pink hair as well as gold shine wings and horns. It has an indoor zipper storage space area, that makes it excellent for maintaining small soft playthings and treasures. The backpack is offered in numerous shades as well as includes a deluxe packed head, arms, as well as body. It will certainly be the fave of your youngster for many years to come! If your youngster has a soft side, you can buy this cute backpack in pink to make her a lot more happy.