When you’re shopping for hangers, there are numerous choices to select from. Plastic and also cable wall mounts are sold in affordable packages, while wooden hangers are typically utilized by retail as well as developer shops. But why are wood wall mounts much better than other types of wall mounts, and should you choose them for your storage room?
Wood wall mounts are durable, stylish, and maintain clothes in their best problem. They are available in styles as well as sizes ideal for any garment and can sustain the weight of heavy coats and also fits. Wooden clothing wall mounts are more expensive than other types of wall mounts, but they’re a long lasting investment for lasting homes.
Whether you’re looking for a trendy upgrade or an environmentally friendly button, there are lots of advantages of wood hangers. In this article, we’ll clarify the various kinds of wooden hangers offered and just how they can make a difference in your home.
Sorts Of Wood Hangers

Advantages of Wood wall mounts for clothing

Timber hangers come in a selection of sizes and shapes to fit various short articles of garments. While some are shaped to support tops, others are specifically made for pants as well as skirts. Wooden hangers are also made from different kinds of wood, several of which have one-of-a-kind benefits of their own.
Wooden Wall Mount Sizes
Wooden clothes hangers frequently range from 12 to 25 inches. Hangers for kids are typically between 12 and 14 inches large, while the typical width of adult wall mounts is 17 inches.
Wood wall mounts are regularly utilized for layers and also fits that require extra assistance. For this reason, the ordinary width for a grown-up wooden layer hanger is in between 16 and 21 inches.
Wood Hanger Styles
A wooden hanger for clothes may be available in several styles. These include coat wall mounts with wood, metal, or locking bars, top hangers without bars, or hangers made especially for trousers or skirts.
Wood top wall mounts often have notches to hold straps as well as might additionally have a timber or metal bar to hold skirts or trousers. These bars are occasionally made to fold down as well as lock on one end, maintaining trousers from gliding and also making it easier to nicely hang and also eliminate them.
A wooden wall mount for trousers might likewise serve for anyone that owns numerous slacks or skirts. Although these wall mounts do not provide a place to hang shirts or coats, they nicely protected garments while additionally conserving room in your wardrobe.
Kinds Of Wood Used in Wooden Wall Mounts
Advantages of Wood wall mounts for pants
Wood hangers are made from several sorts of timber, some of which supply special fringe benefits. Sorts of wood commonly utilized to make wooden hangers include:
Pine and also beech are the most inexpensive types of timber used to make wooden wall mounts, while Walnut, Maple, and Birch are higher quality as well as will cost even more. Bamboo is a favorite for eco-friendly users, and cedar is wonderful for keeping away wetness and insects.
5 Benefits of Using Wooden Hangers
The advantages of wood hangers are both stylistic as well as utilitarian. They can add style as well as course to any type of storage room while keeping clothing in their finest problem. Let’s look at the top five advantages of using wooden hangers as well as how they can improve your house.
1. Wood Hangers are Durable as well as Durable
Among the advantages of wood hangers is that they are much more sturdy than wire or plastic wall mounts. Not just does this keep clothing hanging correctly, yet it prolongs the life of the hangers themselves.
Top notch wooden hangers have a tendency to be made from one solitary item of timber, which implies that there are no seams that might break or damage. Although wooden wall mounts cost a lot more upfront, not needing to replace them frequently can conserve money gradually.
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Toughness and also longevity are likewise preferable traits for any individual who wants eco-friendly items for a lasting wardrobe. Plastic wall mounts are rendered worthless as soon as they damage, but the plastic itself will certainly never break down.
2. Wood Hangers Supply Assistance
Environmentally friendly timber hangers for clothing
Garments can conveniently wind up in a pile on the flooring when they slip or fall from wire or plastic wall mounts, yet wood wall mounts are developed to prevent that. They are durable adequate to sustain even the heaviest pants, layers, and matches, and also their form as well as build keeps garments hanging effectively.
3. Wood Hangers Prevent Wrinkles
Effectively supporting garments maintains your closet arranged, however it also protects the integrity of your garments. Allowing clothes to droop and also otherwise incorrectly hang can stretch them out, as well as there’s a risk of snagging and tearing clothing on cable wall mounts.
The correct assistance from the ideal kind of wall mount keeps clothes in their initial form while stopping creases. Not only does this boost the life of your garments, yet it additionally prevents unnecessary ironing.
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4. Wood Wall Mounts are Visually Appealing
Advantages of Wooden Hangers
Wood Ziploc Bag Organizer
Wooden hangers are extra aesthetically appealing than various other wall mounts, and also they can offer your whole closet a transformation as well. They look sophisticated, keep clothes tidy, and can be found in a variety of shades and also grains to match the decor of any kind of room.
Wire and also plastic hangers, on the other hand, look low-cost and may not provide adequate assistance to maintain your clothes hanging properly.
5. Wood Hangers Can Do Greater Than Hang Garments
Wooden wall mounts can provide even more to your storage room than just maintaining it in good shape. Bamboo and also Cedar wood are both especially popular due to the one-of-a-kind top qualities they provide.
Bamboo is an ideal material for those who are seeking an environment-friendly hanger. Bamboo has a faster development rate than other types of wood, which, in turn, reduces timber harvesting as well as shields forest. It is also a biodegradable and also light-weight product that is strong sufficient to support most write-ups of clothes.
Cedar wood hangers are an outstanding option for layers and suits, specifically those that might hang for extended periods of time. Unattended Cedar wood soaks up wetness from the air and also helps in keeping apparel fresh and also completely dry. Additionally, its scent drives away moths and also other insects that can harm clothes.
Wooden Wall Mounts vs Plastic Hangers
Environment-friendly RPET reused hangers for garments
Wooden wall mounts are the very best choice for hefty garments since they are durable enough to sustain their weight, and also this assistance is additionally helpful in maintaining clothes in good condition. Plastic wall mounts, on the other hand, might function fine for light-weight t-shirts and also blouses, yet will certainly bend or break with larger layers as well as suits as well as may allow garments slip and drop the floor.
Wood wall mounts are additionally a much better choice for those who are eco-conscious. While wood wall mounts are made to last for years when used appropriately, plastic wall mounts break easily as well as result in more waste. Although plastic wall mounts are recyclable, they are not naturally degradable and also are typically just threw in the garbage instead.
Wooden hangers are higher quality than plastic hangers, but they will certainly additionally cost more upfront. A bundle of plastic wall mounts can cost a portion of a solitary wood wall mount, making them a seemingly simple option for anybody on a budget. However, that wooden hanger can outlast many bundles of plastic hangers and also is a financial investment that can conserve cash in the future.
One strategy to conserving cash when purchasing wall mounts is to acquire wood hangers wholesale. An additional approach is getting RPET recycled hangers.
RPET is reused plastic, which is a green choice as well as an excellent button for those living a sustainable way of living. They are durable, use less energy when being made, and stop previously developed plastic from winding up in a landfill. RPET hangers are likewise lightweight and smaller than wood hangers, making them a fantastic choice for anyone wishing to practice a sustainable as well as green life in a little area.
Just how to Select the most effective Wood Wall Mounts
If you’re looking for eco-friendly ideas for your wardrobe, after that wooden wall mounts should be a staple. The benefits of wooden hangers substantially exceed their cost, and also their cost can be minimized when you acquire wooden wall mounts in bulk. To choose the very best wood hangers for your needs, consider the garments you wish to hang, your spending plan, and also the available storage room room. There’s no refuting that wooden wall mounts are the very best choice for a sustainable closet with a classy look.